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"Beloved Sin," SPN/Miracles, Dean/Paul, Rated R

Title: Beloved Sin
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Dean Winchester of SPN; story is Supernatural/Miracles
Prompt: #13 Lovers
Pairings: Dean/Paul, Ruby/Mr. Friendly
Rating: Rated R
Word Count: 17,075
Summary: The Relic must die.
Warnings: Violence, some sexual content (het and slash), language
Beta Thanks: Beta'ed by Sammie. Tank you!
Author's Notes: Written for spnslashbigbang.
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"Tuck Those Ribbons Under Your Helmet," NC-17, Supernatural

Title: Tuck Those Ribbons Under Your Helmet
Author: sailorhathor
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Winsister/Castiel, Winsister/Ruby, Winsister/Dean, Winsister/Sam, Winsister/Adam (in a dream), Sam/Castiel/Dean
Claim/Prompt: Dean Winchester of "Supernatural," #84 High
Word Count: 35,459
Summary: Winsister AU. The hunting life isn't easy on anyone. For Kerry Winchester, it may be too much. The worst, though, was being in love with a multi-dimensional wavelength that may not ever love her back.
Warnings: Collapse )
Beta Thanks: Thanks as always to Sammie for the wonderful beta!
Author's Notes: Title comes from the Tori Amos song "Mother." Abridged version of a longer story (which I'll eventually write out to the end).
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The Green Room: The Dinner that Refused to End - #06 (hours)

Title: The Green Room: The Dinner that Refused to End
Fandom: Freshman Dorm
Characters: Jared/Chris (pre-slash)
Prompt: # 006 Hours
Word Count: 2174
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Written for slash_100. This story will be told in many parts. This is the fifth. I know it’s been forever and few years since I’ve updated this at all, but I am bound and determined to finish it. Even if I’m the only one left reading it.

Part one: The Green Room: Coffee Encounters
Part two: The Green Room: Shooting Hoops
Part three: The Green Room: An Evening at Roscoe’s
Part four: The Green Room: Green Means Go (For It)

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Title: Masquerade
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: 001 - Beginnings
Characters: AJ McLean/Brian Littrell
Summary: It's the last night of the cruise, and a masquerade ball is planned...

Disclaimer: I do not know the Backstreet Boys or anyone associated with them. This story is complete fiction. Also it does belong to me so please, no stealing.

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"No One Mourns the Wicked," NC-17, Miracles/SPN/Scream

Title: No One Mourns the Wicked (also on my website here)
Fandoms: Miracles/Supernatural/Scream Crossover
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 55,542 total
Claim & Prompt: Dean Winchester of SPN: #24 Choices
Summary: Dean comes to the realization that the resemblance between Paul Callan and Billy Loomis is significant to the coming Apocalypse, so he tells SQ about the relationship he had with him in 1995 and how he tried to save Billy from his downward spiral into infamy.
Pairings: Dean/Billy, Dean/Paul, Dean/Billy/OFC, light Sam/Tatum, Billy/Stu, Party Guests/Other Party Guests (slash, het, het/slash threesomes)
Warnings: Collapse )
Beta Thanks: Beta'ed by my friend Sammie. Kudos to her for reading and commenting on this whole thing! First two chapters were also beta'ed by Harshini.
Written for crossbigbang.
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Lacerated Sky Chp 7 & 8, NC-17, #89 Found

Title: Lacerated Sky Chp 7: Surrender
Lacerated Sky Chp 8: Jessica is Burning
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Dean Winchester of Supernatural
Prompt: #89 Found
Rating: NC-17. Pairings - Sam/Dean UST, brief Dean/OFC's, & Sam/Lenore/Dean
Word Count: Chp 7 - 4,593; Chp 8 - 5,270
Simpsons Ref Summary: Sam is turned into a vampire... with sexy results!
Serious Summary: The vampire stalking Dean, Sam, and Lenore steps up her game, forcing Sam and Lenore to make a difficult decision. Sam becomes seriously ill, so Dean and Lenore cook up a dangerous plan to save him.
Warning: AU. Incestuous overtones, graphic sex, bad language, and vampirism/blood drinking. Contains spoilers for several episodes, especially the second season up to "Bloodlust."
Author's Notes: I'm sorry it's been such a long time since my last chapter; RL got out of hand. Time go zoom.
Told from Dean's POV.
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